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Other Professional Services

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Jackson held behavioral healthcare administration, supervisory and clinical leadership roles. Her career includes years of clinical and administrative supervision of mental health therapists and programs. She has developed clinical treatment programs for hospital based psychiatric service departments, directed a university crisis center, taught university classes in counseling psychology, and conducted seminars for other private practitioners. She has also directed local and managed regional employee assistance programs, developed "Drug-Free" workplace policies and programs. She has owned an employee assistance contracting business for many years and has been responsible for delivering counseling, training, and consultation services to the staff and managers in manufacturing and health care organizations, including hospitals and chemical dependency treatment centers. Due to her unique blend of counseling skill, familiarity with administrative roles and workplace problems; she often provided management consulting, and or supervisor training seminars for managing employees with performance, emotional and/or interpersonal skill difficulties.

Services for Behavioral Health Care Professionals

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Training Seminars

Peer Consultations

Oregon Psychological Association Member

Colleague Assistance Program

Organizational and Employee Assistance Services

Employee Assistance Counseling and Employee Assistance Contracts

Critical Incident Debriefings

Drug Free Workplace Policy Consultations and Development

Employee and Workplace Consultations

Staff and Supervisor Training

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