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Debra Lynn Jackson, Ph.D.
Oregon Licensed
Psychologist #1221
1892 Willamette Street
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Office Telephone Numbers

Office Phone:
(541) 465-1885
Confidential Fax Number:
(541) 344-4620

Debra L Jackson, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Welcomes You !

Debra L. Jackson Ph.D. Provider and Brief Practice Description

Debra L. Jackson, Ph.D., practices in Eugene, Oregon, as a Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Jackson established her local counseling private practice in 1986 and has provided individual, couple and family therapy to members of this community for over 30 years. Her current credentials include a Ph.D. (1992) from a doctoral degree program approved by the American Psychological Association at the University of Oregon, and all requirements for independent practice in the State of Oregon as a Licensed Psychologist since 1996. Her career also includes recognition for her clinical leadership and various mental health administrative roles. After completing a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1980 and working for many years as a therapist for a local psychiatric facility, she decided to return to graduate school for more advanced studies in psychology and a Ph.D. Her diagnostic and treatment services reflect her extensive experience, ongoing commitment to continued professional education and clinical interventions supported by scientific research. She has obtained numerous hours of additional training with many of the nationally recognized individual and couple therapy specialists. She regularly receives high ratings from the client’s who have reviewed their treatment with her on insurance provider web sites.

In additional to individual psychotherapy, Dr. Jackson specializes in working with relationship problems and specifically addresses distressing symptoms that may occur or worsen in response to significant couple and family stress. She enjoys working with heterosexual and same sex couples confronting difficulties with communication, conflict resolution, infidelity, emotional intimacy and sexual desire or function problems, family and step-family concerns. Dr. Jackson also works with couples experiencing the threat of separation or divorce and to assist with the negotiation of a mutually agreeable plan of action to manage the crisis. The family treatment service she provides is specifically focused on the couple, and the relationship between parents or step-parents. Dr. Jackson also provides non-medically related relationship counseling, conflict resolution &/or pre-marital counseling services.

Dr. Jackson formerly chaired the Oregon Psychologist Association’s Psychologist Support Committee for many years. More recently, she was nominated by her psychologist peers throughout the state to provide counseling services to her professional colleagues in need of personal assistance. She was selected from the nominees for her clinical competence, ethical perceptive and specific expertise, and now currently serves on a state wide panel of licensed psychologist practitioners specifically vetted by the Oregon Psychologist Association to provide counseling to their membership. Dr. Jackson often works health care professionals, including; psychologists, physicians, mental health therapists, and substance abuse counselors. She currently continues to enjoy her full time independent practice in Eugene and sincerely appreciates having the opportunity of providing psychotherapy and couple/family therapy with a broad range of community members.